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Dr. Stockton was voted one of the Twin Cities Top Chiropractors by a panel of his peers.

Whole-person, individualized, condition-specific care utilizing gentle adjustments to target and remedy the root cause of your condition.

We adjust your body gently with light-force techniques.

  • Your neck and small joints are delicate; we take special care to adjust them with instruments that do not involve fast, sharp movements commonly associated with traditional Chiropractic care
  • We use drop tables to reduce the stress on your body as we treat you
  • We do not use adjustments that lay you on your side and twist your body


We believe our patients deserve the greatest possible expression of health and happiness and achieve it through whole-person chiropractic care and the most advanced nutritional support.

Comprehensive solutions for your health and lifestyle goals. Fast results and an immediate positive impact on your health.


  • If we cannot get you healthy fast we will refer you for further testing because it is likely you have an underlying or unforeseen condition complication your recovery

Support and guidance with no scare tactics and no pressure to sign up for a lengthy care plan.


Health for Living Chiropractic
12400 Pillsbury Ave S
Burnsville, MN 55337

PHONE: (952) 890-9055

Conveniently located near the intersection of I-35W and Hwy 13