A combination of proper sleep, proper diet and essential nutritional support is what you need to get the most of your day.  We will determine where you have gone wrong, identify any unnecessary outside stressors and give you the exact ingredients needed to get you the energy you want and need.




All experts agree that obesity, even being overweight, contributes heavily to all degenerative disease. The United States Surgeon General stated that a failure to address excessive weight and obesity “could wipe out the gains we’ve made in areas such as heart disease, several forms of cancer, and other chronic health problems.” Losing weight is not easy.  Food companies are out to get you addicted to their products and trick your brain into thinking you need to eat more than you should.  Dr. Stockton can help guide you in your weight loss journey.  We will help you safely lose weight and support your body as it clears the toxins stored in your fat.  We will help you transition into your new diet and lifestyle by giving you guidelines to follow for success.  We will give you the tools you need to help you maintain the healthy body you have worked hard for.



An estimated 26 million Americans suffer with migraines. Approximately 80 percent of them are women. All in all, about one in five women get migraines while only one in 16 men get them, according to

Questions that can help you determine whether or not you might have a food sensitivity or allergy are:

  • Do you experience bloating after meals, gas, frequent belching, or any kind of digestive problems?
  • Do you have chronic constipation or diarrhea?
  • Do you have a stuffy nose after meals?
  • Do you have low energy or feel drowsy after eating?

Foods often associated with sensitivities (allergies) as well as migraines are

  • Wheat
  • Cow’s milk
  • Grain cereals
  • Cane sugar
  • Yeast
  • Corn
  • Citrus
  • Eggs

Food colorings, flavors, preservatives, and other additives (aspartame & MSG) may also promote headaches and migraines. One of the best things you can do if you believe you are suffering from a food allergy is to do a diet elimination challenge. Simply remove all foods that contain what you believe you are allergic to and see if your symptoms improve over the next several days. Keep in mind that depending on your typical migraine frequency, you may need to avoid the suspected food for a few weeks in order to evaluate whether it had an effect or not. To confirm the results, you’ll want to reintroduce the food or drink (on an empty stomach). If the suspected food is the culprit you will generally be able to feel the allergy symptoms return within an hour, although migraines can sometimes have a longer lag time than, say, bloating or drowsiness.



Over time chronic stress can cause your body to be unable to respond to its daily requirements of work and play as well as limit your body’s ability to fight off illness.  Chronic stress can deplete your adrenal glands and the hormones you need to deal with stress.  The adrenal glands are tiny organs that rest atop of each kidney.

Despite their small size, the adrenal glands play a critical role in the body producing numerous hormones that impact our ability to deal with stress.  Adrenal gland function affects everything from how you respond to stress and illness to blood pressure, blood sugar levels, growth to some sexual characteristics. If the adrenal glands are stimulated long-term due to chronic stress they can lead to high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, brain cell damage, lower white blood cell levels (decreased immune system) and increase your risk of infection.

Symptoms of poor adrenal function due to chronic stress include: fatigue, muscle aches, temporary dizziness upon standing and low blood sugar to name a few.  Chronic stress can come in the form of Mental/emotional, Physical/structural and Chemical/diet. Decrease your stress by practicing one or all of the following: yoga class, meditation techniques and slow, deep breathing techniques.  We can work with you to learn the skills you need to deal with chronic stress.

Nutritional support and dietary guidance are sometimes needed to fill in the gaps where diet and lifestyle leave your body wanting more.  We will educate you on the steps necessary to remove any food stressors from your diet as well as providing you the supplements necessary to achieve proper adrenal function.For the more stubborn cases we can utilize laboratory adrenal tests to determine whether the cycle of your stress hormones is healthy or not.  Depending on the results of your tests we will design  a support protocol to give you the nutrients you need to restore your health.




Doctors using Applied Kinesiology have the distinct advantage over other practitioners as they have specific diagnostic tools to determine the best therapy for the injured athlete.  This includes the ability to refer a patient out in need of MRI or CT studies, surgical consultation, or more advanced neurological procedures when appropriate.

These tools range from specific muscle treatments designed to normalize muscle activity to treatments designed to aid other damaged tissues like skin, fascia, ligaments, tendons, and joints.  Assessing the gait (walking/running pattern) or other sport-specific movements is available, and by using pre- and post-treatment muscle testing, the doctor and most importantly the patient can see the benefit of the therapeutic intervention.

The athletes heal quicker, and risk factors that may have led to the injury or performance problem can be tracked down to help the patient avoid a recurrence of the problem.  This is helpful for younger athletes who are growing and don’t have the full muscle coordination of an adult athlete, as well as for weekend warriors, or adult athletes who are increasing their training and find chronic problems as they try to increase work load.

Athletes have found Applied Kinesiology to be useful in everything from diagnosing injuries to enhancing strength, endurance, and performance.  Our goal is for patients to get well and stay well.  Those who play sports or enjoy fitness often become injured as a result of their sport or activity. Chiropractic treatments expedite the healing process after injuries and help prevent them in the future.  We recommend that athletes follow preventative chiropractic care once they have recovered from their injury and the pain is gone.

If you are an athlete looking to stay in optimal shape for your sport, Health For Living Chiropractic is the right place for you.



While we are experts at manual full spine and extremity Chiropractic adjusting, we have refined all our techniques to offer gentle, light-force methods such as Activator Instrument, ArthroStim Instrument, Drop Table and Motorized Intersegmental Traction.



Gentle, light-force treatments for the neck and whole body

We use an adjusting tool called the ArthroStim.  The ArthroStim is an FDA approved instrument that introduces energy/force to the body to realign joints and tissues removing pressure and irritation from the nervous system.  The ArthroStim pulses at a speed of 12 “taps” per second.  By dividing the energy of a single thrust into rapid successive inputs, the ArthroStim instrument reduces the force applied.  This allows your doctor to administer an extremely comfortable and highly effective adjustment.

The ArthroStim Technique is a gentle, yet powerful tool for adjusting the spines of small children, those with osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and other conditions that make some types of spinal manipulation inappropriate.  Individuals that may especially benefit from the use of the ArthroStim instrument include:


o   Osteoporosis or osteoarthritis


ArthroStim Therapy can be applied anywhere a manual chiropractic adjustment is applied; such as the neck, spine, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, ankles as well as the small bones of the hands and feet. While it may look intimidating, it is very gentle. Most patients find it soothing and stimulating.

ArthroStim adjustments are ideal for individuals who are worried or nervous about traditional chiropractic adjustment techniques, had a bad experience in the past, or have a disc that is injured and require specialized adjustments.  There is no pushing, pulling, bending, and twisting or “cracking” of any joints using this tool.

Drop Table Adjusting

A “drop” approach using a special chiropractic table: Our tables have sections that can be raised up to be dropped at the same time as the adjustment is applied reducing the force on the patient and doctor all while delivering a highly effective treatment.   The dropping of the table allows for a lighter adjustment without the twisting positions and popping that can accompany other techniques.



We are committed to advancing health, performance, and longevity beyond the spine.

There are instances where the extremities themselves are the standalone cause of pain.  We believe that every part of your body is vital to you living life to the fullest.  Chiropractic is not just for the spine!  While most Chiropractors are pigeonholed as ‘back and neck doctors’ Dr. Stockton cares for every part of you from the hair on your head to the nail on your little toe and everything in between.  We will evaluate and treat your foot, ankle, hip, wrist, shoulder, TMJ and anything else causing your pain or disability.

Most people do not know: a problem with one of your extremities can cause a problem with your spine.  One common example of this is your feet causing low back pain.  This occurs when the arches of the feet collapse forcing your ankles, knees and pelvis to adapt.  Your low back (lumbar spine) sets upon all of these structures and depends on them to give a solid foundation for your spine to work properly.

Mid and upper back as well as sternal or chest pain can stem from shoulder or rib misalignments.  Any of the joints in your body are capable of having a problem.  We will find the root cause of your problem, resolve it and balance the muscles around the joint in order to prevent the problem in the future.

Your body is the sum of its parts.  We have the knowledge and skill to go the extra mile for you by eliminating the root-cause of your pain and disability.



Doctors of chiropractic believe that prevention is the key to health and wellness. Dr. Stockton provides our patients helpful tips on ways to improve their health naturally and prevent problems before the start.  We focus on prevention and health promotion for the entire community.  The best way to treat an injury is to never get it in the first place and we take a proactive approach to minimize injuries.  Many chronic conditions can be prevented or managed through proactive wellness care. Maintaining proper spinal alignment is one of the most important ways to prevent health problems.

Chiropractic care focuses on the health and function of the entire body, with particular emphasis on the skeletal system, muscular system and central nervous system.  When the body’s central nervous system is optimized and 100% healthy, all systems within the body perform properly.  When there are interferences (known as subluxations) in the central nervous system, the systems of the body are not able to function at peak levels which leave them susceptible to illness and injury.

Injury prevention for any athlete starts with keeping their body healthy and optimized.  Our chiropractic care is designed to do just that.

Our doctor is committed to preventing falls in the elderly population of our community.  Our senior citizens need not let the fear of falling rule their life.  Most falls and fall-related injuries are preventable.  We work with our seniors to recommend a home safety check, begin a regular exercise program, review their medications, have their vision checked and prevent osteoporosis, which can lead to falls.

Tips for Back Pain Prevention:

  • Maintain a healthy diet and weight.
  • Remain active—under the supervision of your doctor of chiropractic.
  • Avoid prolonged inactivity or bed rest.
  • Warm up or stretch before exercising or other physical activities, such as gardening.
  • Maintain proper posture.
  • Wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes.
  • Sleep on a mattress of medium firmness to minimize any curve in your spine.
  • Lift with your knees, keep the object close to your body, and do not twist when lifting.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking impairs blood flow, resulting in oxygen and nutrient deprivation to spinal tissues.
  • Work with your doctor of chiropractic to ensure that your workstation is ergonomically correct.