Body Life Massage

Linda Person – Certified Massage Therapist
(952) 237-9359
Healing Hands – Healing You
Including soft tissue injury rehab, deep tissue, neuromuscular, reflexology, cranial sacral, Reiki and Swedish massage


Burnsville Shiatsu Center

(952) 882-7933
The Burnsville Shiatsu Center can help in your path to healing. Shiatsu (“shee-aht-sue”), meaning “finger pressure” in Japanese is an ancient form of therapeutic massage. Shiatsu is similar to acupuncture – but without the needles.
A variety of pressure, passive stretching, soothing and deep tissue techniques are applied during a session to meet your specific needs. No oils or lotions are used so you receive your Shiatsu treatment fully dressed.
Shiatsu Therapy is more than just a massage….
Using the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a shiatsu treatment not only relieves muscle pain and tightness, but also balances your energy (Qi) system. You leave feeling exquisitely relaxed yet ready to take on your day. We use massage therapy and pressure techniques on the same points and pathways as acupuncture – but without the needles!
As certified Asian Bodywork Therapists we are committed to supporting your journey to health and wellness. Shiatsu therapy can help you no matter where you are along the path.


Healthy Indoor Air
We like the air in our office to be as pure as possible — that’s why we use and trust Healthy Indoor Air.  Unlike other purifiers that just filter air, Healthy Indoor Air purifiers actually destroy molds, viruses, bacteria, microscopic dust, odors, and gasses that can cause headaches, irritated eyes, congestion, allergy and asthma symptoms, scratchy throat, and illness. By cleaning the air you breathe, you can improve your family’s health and quality of life. Healthy Indoor Air, LLC sells specialized air purifiers that can improve your environment, make you more comfortable, and keep your family healthier.