We deal with stress on a daily basis. But what do if this stress becomes chronic, and you begin to look control over it and the symptoms it causes your body. The Chiropractors in Burnsville, MN want to prevent just this from happening to you! Here we will lay out how and why stress affects your body, and how you can go about controlling it.

The Chiropractors in Burnsville, MN see chronic stress as an initiator to your body losing its ability to respond to daily requirements like work and play. It doesn’t just limit your ability to function in your day to day though, it can also increase your chance of illness. As your stress increases your body loses its ability to fight off germs and harmful bacteria. It does this by depleting your adrenal glands.

Your adrenal glands play a special part in keeping your body healthy. They produce hormones that dictate how you handle stress, your blood pressure, illness, and even sexual characteristics. With tissue damage (due to stress) to these organs you can have a number of symptoms. These include but are not limited to the following:

–          Fatigue

–          Muscle Aches

–          Temporary Dizziness with Standing

–          Low Blood Sugar

Stress can be caused in a number of ways as well. Stress can come in the form of:

–          Mental Stress

–          Emotional Stress

–          Physical stress

–          Structural Stress

–          Chemical Stress

–          Diet Related Stress

What the Chiropractors in Burnsville, MN can provide for you, is techniques dealing and managing your individual stress. These techniques include participating in meditation, yoga and breathing techniques and workshops, as well as changing your diet. We are experts in making you feel better, so contact us today and get a custom plan for your stress management.