The transformation of nutritional awareness throughout the world is gaining momentum. People of all races and all nationalities are waking up from the decades of lies they’ve been told, and even conditioned in some cases. That’s why we take a more holistic approach in our education, which involves an awareness in our state called integrative nutrition in MN. This is the practice of nutrition that touches on the fact that optimal health starts with a foundational understanding and then transforms into a health promoting diet.
The characteristics and features of integrative nutrition are as such:

  • That our bodies are biochemical environments made to put food in them to survive
  • Our bodies will exhibit the types of food we put into them (bad food = bad bodies, good food = good bodies)
  • The analysis of our bodies and how that helps us recognize what we are doing to them
  • The advanced aging of our bodies that is due to bad food intakes
  • The determining of whether we are going to age properly or not
  • The consultation of nutrition starts with the current diet and how it impacts health
  • The analysis of family and the inherited traits that someone has received
  • Family histories and what diseases they are prone to
  • Therapeutic interventions that can help someone change their outlook on their diet
  • Nutrition interventions that can help someone change their outlook on their diet

In the end, we will help our patients see how they can best avoid heart disease, cancer treatments, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure!

integrative nutrition MN