Deep physical healing and deep spiritual healing can sometimes happen at the same time, especially at our chiropractic office. The symbiotic nature of our nervous systems and our spirituality can not be tangibly measured, but it can be felt. Developing inner peace can sometimes be inspired and motivated by the existence of physical peace. Our chiropractors in Burnsville, MN, understand both physical and holistic approaches to healing our patients, as they both take great pride in understanding all of the facets of their profession. Both Dr. Schilling and Dr. Stockton are at the forefront of their industry and have proven their methods and tactics to work time and time again.

An improperly functioning nervous system has symptoms such as:

  • A gradual loss of function

  • Loss of blood supply to limbs

  • Loss of blood supply to head

  • Seizuring in any form

  • Eye pains

  • Head pains

  • Headaches

  • Migraines

  • Memory Loss

  • Babbling speech

  • Lack of alertness

  • Body fatigue

  • Too sleepy

Even though there are literally hundreds of other symptoms that can be caused from a malfunctioning nervous system, we know that these are the most prevalent. Since these are the most frequent and popular symptoms, we make sure that we thoroughly check the spine, C1, and the top vertebrae. If any of these are slightly off-line, then we need to typically proceed by making the necessary manipulations. Just a few adjustments over the course of a few weeks can make all the difference in the world to our client’s physical peace and spiritual peace.